Buy less, choose well

  Have you ever wondered why an iPhone with advanced software cannot come up with a sturdy screen or an earphone? I hear a lot of my friends who run errands looking for replacements because they accidentally dropped their phone and the screen got damaged. It wasn’t like the phone got dropped from the fourth […]

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Everything is impermanent

Thata, nalla irrka ma (grandfather, are you keeping well)? I thought I could hear him say, “Irrka, Dolma.” But then, Acchi (his wife) picked up the call and informed that he passed away. I struggled to console her with my choked voice, she knew both of us were broken inside to cope with this loss. […]

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Inner peace

Never commit any evil deeds, accumulate wealth of merits, completely tame one’s own mind. This is my teaching. -Lord Buddha This evening at Tsuk Lag Khang, I was gazing in sheer admiration at Lord Buddha’s glittering statue. Sitting there in a lotus position, with a rosary in my hand, I tried to channel the conflicting […]

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Well, this is the very first post of my blog, and it seems daunting to come up with something great to say about my intentions behind it. In short, it’s my outlet. I intend to share what I think is inspiring, whether it’s a wonderful image I captured, a moving story, an occasional cries of […]

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