Playing a little devil

It’s been a month since my last update. And in those 30 days, there were so many interesting episodes that left me bewildered, excited and motivated. At the Buddhist conference in New Delhi, I came across some of the revered lamas who inspired me with their wisdom and knowledge. But there were a few who […]

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I have a message for you

I was sitting with my group of rapporteurs in the lobby when His Holiness the Karmapa smiled and gestured, it was probably because he noticed this petite girl in a green chupa amidst a foreign crowd. I almost froze in realization that the holy figure I always wake up to and pray for is right […]

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Do you feel better now?

Do you have an aggravating worry or an insecurity? Let it rest, for it is in its nature to fade away with time. Are you in a dark place? Don’t feel lonely, for you’ll know why you should rise up in the morning and see the glory of life. Do you feel bottled up in […]

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Everything is impermanent

Thata, nalla irrka ma (grandfather, are you keeping well)? I thought I could hear him say, “Irrka, Dolma.” But then, Acchi (his wife) picked up the call and informed that he passed away. I struggled to console her with my choked voice, she knew both of us were broken inside to cope with this loss. […]

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A mere concoction

I’m suddenly in a mood to dissect this thing that makes the world go round. I know everyone who has ever fallen in love, would resonate with my thoughts about this indescribable feeling. Not infatuation but more than that, can I call it true love? Maybe. Do you believe in the idea of pure love? […]

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All that jazz

It was back in 2011 when I first saw her on the television, trying to break ice with the teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber. The Bieber frenzy was at peak then, and everyone were certain that the 53rd Grammy Award for the Best New Artist would go to him. But the young popstar lost it to […]

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