How often do you
sit and think
and examine yourself?
How often do you
push yourself 
to create a path
for you
when you see none?
How often do you
feel proud of,
of who you are?
Be anything but too comfortable
with you,
with your life.
Not wanting more to learn
feels comfortable,
and so does doing nothing.
Don’t you ever get
too comfortable.


                 FaIL bEttEr


the greatest gifts in our life.
More often than not,
it reveals us
to ourselves. 
Don’t be afraid
to make mistakes,
to fail.
See, you can always fail better,
be better.



FlOwErS iN mY lAnD

I’m covered with glaciers of tyranny
but I still grow.
They poke my stem, pluck my petals
with thorny gloves and shiny swords.
But I still grow.
You can take me away from the sun.
But the warmth reaches me through the crack.
See, I still grow.

I saw you kill my people, rob them off their light and air.
You thought we can’t thrive.
But here I am,
to let my voice heard through the bars
of these windows.
To let them hear my cries.
They will come back to set me free,
my warriors
living not far away from this land.
They will spread my message, tell my stories.

How can you defeat
their fighting spirit?
They are the buried seeds.
They are the flowers, made of steel.
Now tell me,
how you will not let them grow?

Footnote: Tibetans are facing persecution in their own land which was invaded by Communist China in 1959. So far, 147 Tibetans have self-immolated in protest to call for independence and justice.


Do WhAt YoU LoVe

Welcome to another day.
Drink your coffee,
carry your satchel bag.
Press that lift button, and wait.
Let that old lady go first.
Yes, that man too.
Switch on your computer and type some
Go back home
and then meet your shadows.
This circle
is called mere existence.
I’m only here to remind you
that you are a stardust.
That you can do impossible things.
That your life is not meant to
be sheltered but to be explored.
drink your coffee.
And do what you love. 




  To all the women out there,
believe in yourself.
your courage is your very existence
your beauty is your flaws
your strength is that you’re a woman
the same breed that birth this nation
this world.
Believe in your own pace,
to growth and self-revelation.
Believe in who you are,
and who you are becoming. 

SAnds of  TiMe

Take a handful of sand or pure water,
time pokes like a needle to a balloon.
Then comes the subtle reminder
that life goes on.
And the key is to keep learning.
Tread on those bumpy roads.
Get on that rickety bus.
Get acquainted with it, with those
remnants of growth.
You see, part of learning
is also getting it wrong.




be a woman who knows her voice

her lip color
her style
and her worth.



                               It takes time to create this love that can last, not forever but till eternity.

                   Because forever just sounds like waves that only teases the shore and goes back to the ocean.

                  Well, eternity? It’s like those stars in the sky.

                   Luminous, and infinite. Only visible to bare eyes during the night.

                   Bare your soul and the stars stare right back at you.

                  To love, and then to be loved, without conditions, till eternity.

                   Isn’t that all we wish for?




                        Brokenness is beautiful. But you don’t have to stay broken.

                Pick yourself up while you still lie fallen

                Pick up those scattered pieces while you still bleed,

                wipe your blood, and still get on with it

                accept this innate reality of life

                 and the ways of the world

                 that not everyone is as gentle and tender hearted as you

                 not everyone is as beautiful as you

                 but that’s okay, because life is still good

                 Harbour that quite resolute

                because you know what

                that surpasses all the beautiful things – a strong spirit.




Pour me a cup of strength
for the soul to heal
and if you ask for more
Ask for depth
Edged with love and more soul.





Pain is like those strands of hair you keep tying back into a bun of hope,

it keeps falling and leaves you unkempt.

But isn’t it more beautiful to leave it as it is,

in its natural state,

without effort and trials,

to just observe how it looks towards the end?






I find this ridiculous,
this thing called life where
people in buildings worry about bills,
and those in huts worry about the bread.
The calculation, strategy and self-interest 
that come before selflessness.

     We got it all wrong,
we got this all screwed up.

             And then an orange head (read: Trump) is rearing to rule the world.
Hand me some weed now
or help me weed out with this epidemic that is the rotten mindset.

This thing called life, sigh,
and the struggle to not reduce it to bills and bank balance.

maybe we could fill it with more brilliance,
more than those envelopes that are slipped under our doors
more care for neighbors than the network

more moments to remember?
What is life otherwise?




It was her ‘birthday’
but she wore his ‘suit.’