Table for two

Coffee– – – –  – a conversation between two friends – – – – – –

Me: See, this is universal. We all have a blown out proportion of self-importance. And in this era where independence and narcissism is celebrated, you cannot help but observe or participate.

V: I choose to observe. I have a perfectly ordinary life and a mundane routine in the middle of nowhere. And I like it that way. I never understand why people think their lives are so important.

Me: True.

V: It’s like a burden. If you think your life is important, suddenly you have to do important things and everything becomes so heavy.

Me: See, there are many perspectives.

V: Accept that life is fleeting and you are nobody and suddenly life will be so light. What’s your perspective?

Me: We can make the most of our lives, have more fun, make it more meaningful besides just living for ourselves. Like make meaningful connections.

V: True. I wonder how you can live for yourself. That sounds very boring to me. Life is much more fun when you live interconnected.

Me: Sigh. We say, there’s no point clinging on to wealth, property, people and be overly dependent on these things in determining our happiness and sorrows. That we don’t take any of these things when we die. So, what we take is our connections with people. How we made them feel or how we helped them. Here’s the thing. Why do you need to have something to “take” from this life? Strange, right?

V:  I wouldn’t say there is no point. Wealth can buy comfort. Property buys security. People give you company. But I guess everything should be desired for in a limit, without sacrificing one for the other. You can’t take anything. But it is good to have an impact on those who matter in this life.

Me: Absolutely. Impact.

V: That way you don’t take. But you leave things a little richer than how you found it.

Me: I think that will mostly define your existence.

V: Besides, it is important to live. You have only one life. And then you will die. Go out and live your life. And if you do it properly, then you will make an impact.

Me:  Hehe. We are actually nobody for that matter. But we have this very intelligent brain that weaves all these amazing confusions and distorted realities.

V: It’s amazing how reality changes depending on how your brain interprets the data. In the sense, three people can see the same thing and have three epically different versions. I love that about our mind. We can make our own reality. It lets us dream.

Me: But there’s one reality. Just different interpretations. And quite often, people negate each other’s perceptions.

V: Well it’s difficult to know another’s perception. And it becomes especially hard when you don’t like how the other person sees things.

Me: Acceptance. We can never expect billion people to think alike.

V: People want a lot of help and other things from one.

Me: I believe very strongly that we belong to this earth, it doesn’t belong to us. And so many of us think otherwise. Hence, the exploitations.

V: It depends on what you mean by belong.

Me: Earth is billion years old, we are just a minute part of its existence, made of every little element it is made of.

V: Earth is four billion years old. And are we not its greatest creation?

Me: Absolutely. It’s incredible how this planet can create such beautiful species in such variety.

V: So technically, we are the masters of this earth then.

Me: No. That’s where we go wrong. We kill so many innocent animals in sheer greed, deforest, destroy ecology, thinking we are masters so we can do anything.

V: What are we, then?

Me: We are just a part of it, another creature on this earth. In fact, learn from the wild animals who live like how they live, but leave the earth as it is. We are one of the most beautiful creatures, so live up to that fate, that gift.

V: Some would say we are actually the most ugly, wicked, vain and cruel. The struggle is to change our fate and be beautiful instead.

Me: Absolutely. Scary.

V: Why?

Me: What if we vanish like the dinosaurs. What if someday it starts raining meteors. We are gone then.

V: We will most certainly vanish like the dinosaurs some day. They ruled for 300 million years, our reign is barely a million years long. But they vanished with only bones as evidence. We may leave only dust behind. But one day we will vanish.

Me: I think they lived more wisely despite having a smaller brain? We humans don’t know how to live wisely and responsibly.

V: No species is forever. The earth will go on. It will heal and forget we ever existed. All signs of our great achievements will slowly fade. a billion years from now, the earth will be as empty of humans as it was a a billion years ago. That’s the truth. We humans have free will. We can choose how we want to live our life and some will not make good choices. That is the price we pay for free will.

Me: Free will. I find it liberating but toxic at the same time.

V: Why toxic?

Me: It gives enough space to self destruct.

V: But that’s the beauty, isn’t it? Or it could all end in black. If it works, what wonders you may achieve. You take the chance, risk. The risk makes it so much better. It makes you so much more alive.

Me: Taking risk is fun. I love risks, there’s so much scope for improvement.

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