Do you feel better now?


Do you have an aggravating worry or an insecurity?

Let it rest, for it is in its nature to fade away with time.

Are you in a dark place?

Don’t feel lonely, for you’ll know why you should rise up in the morning and see the glory of life.

Do you feel bottled up in the state of hopelessness?

Pat yourself, for you are brave enough to witness and come out of the battle and contradiction in your mind.

Have you felt like the fear of not knowing how the deep the river is, or how dense the forest could be?

Charge ahead. Swim in that river. Run through those woods. Just face the fear.

At the risk of sounding too preachy, I have few more to share with you. There’s small notebook I have, where in I write my stray thoughts that are either bothering me, or inspiring me. On the front page, below my name, I had once written a list of things I should remind myself, everyday. They do sound like a broken record. But I thought, if this could lift me up, or help me feel better, why not share.

  • Trivial things don’t deserve your divine energy.
  • Let go of negative people, and negative situation.
  • Surround yourself with people who lift you higher.
  • Don’t compromise your values for anything in life.
  • Be responsible for your actions.
  • Practice mindfulness at all times.
  • Take charge of your future, take control of your present.
  • Give your 100 per cent in everything you do.
  • There will be thousands of devils waiting to set you ablaze with anger, practice compassion. Or be indifferent.
  • If you’re bloating with self-pride or succumbed in self pity, know this, you’re just a speck of dust in this entire universe.

Feel free. Feel better. Feel beautiful.



3 thoughts on “Do you feel better now?

  1. Good thoughts come with immense experiences in life, life is too short to understand as far as the universe is concerned, well we can just take the best and keep the rest for others to enjoy bit by bit. Well Dolma it really makes me feel proud to see you writing such things. All the very best for your entire life. Be God with you always.
    -Chethan RD

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