All that jazz

It was back in 2011 when I first saw her on the television, trying to break ice with the teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber. The Bieber frenzy was at peak then, and everyone were certain that the 53rd Grammy Award for the Best New Artist would go to him. But the young popstar lost it to Esperanza Spalding, the curly haired jazz artist. I sighed in relief. For once, the music industry rest upon a new talent than going gaga over the Baby hitmaker. After all, Bieber’s music catered to amatuer ears, and those, no offence, who just happened to nurse mushy emotions. Hehe. True, he sounds cute. 

So the next thing I did was, go to youtube and search for Spalding. This was the first video I saw (below), and fell in love with her upbeat personality that shines through her music.

Until the Grammy award, Spalding was barely known. Yes, she has had tasted success for a decade before the world got to know her and her soulful music.She performed twice at the White House, and at President Obama’s request, played at the ceremony where he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

I’m not well-versed in jazz, but her preludes to most of her songs help connect to her music. Like this one.


Enjoy listening.


2 thoughts on “All that jazz

  1. See i happen to know a thing or two about music for i also happen to be a music fanatic. First of all, music isn’t about how well the lyrics is put together or how many accolades has the composer won or any-other reason you may say but what i have to say is that music is all about connection.

    Just because he has a weird hair doesn’t him a unworthy winner! I think that you had underestimated the power of connection over she being called to perform at White House personally by President of USA! Connection is that power that every singer tries to but can’t accomplish with his/her every record, most of the artist can just do it for once in their life time while a selected few enjoy it constantly. Like Justin Beiber, i should say.

    His genre and her genre competitiveness is almost as same as Sa dhang Nam(land & sky). He stood up among thousands, while there are limited artist in her genre. I will admit that she has an amazing voice as a Jazz artist. I listen to Jazz on my radio every other Tuesday night, I know a little bit about Jazz. So now let me get this straight, at that time, Justin Beiber totally deserved the award!

    Lastly i might have sound like a big fan of J.Beiber but, I am not a fan of Justin Beiber! I repeat, I am not a fan of Justin Beiber! I don’t have BEIBER FEVER! And I am not a BELIBER! Ha ha ha.

    1. Thinley la, I appreciate your thoughts. I wasn’t, at all, trying to validate Spalding against Bieber. Yes, music is about connection, but here again, this “connection” is subjective. She, I think, won the award for her mastery over her form of music than anything else. Of course, Bieber had so many fans and hits. He deserved much attention. But a grammy? I don’t think so. Ask anyone. Hehe. But thanks for sharing your thoughts. I admit, you ain’t a Bieber fan. 🙂

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