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Fashion bloggers
Fashion bloggers

Besides digging through my mind, I also dig fashion. There’s a hidden charm in expressing through what you wear than mouthing an impressive bio data. If you are a sartorial maniac, it saves a lot of time. Say, if you are in a mood to rebel, you could easily pick up a shredded trouser with a cropped top and studded boots with a crazy hat, perhaps? I don’t know. I am beginning to love this transitory mode of having fun, at my own peril (it burns your pocket, so you’ve got to limit your desire)

It’s been a couple of years since bloggers immersed themselves into fashion world, inspiring many with their style-oriented outlook. But mind you, blogging has also become a vital tool for marketing. There are luxury brands who now have blogs on their web domain in order to engage their audience.

Well, there’s a thin line between bloggers who write out of pure honesty, and those who write solely for monetary reasons (popular bloggers make about $5,000 to $20,000 for a project.) Let’s not get there.

Some of the A-list fashion bloggers like Scott Schuman, BryanBoy, Leandra Medine, Rumi Neely and Anna Della Russo, are reigning fashion’s blogosphere. I love them too, for various reasons. I bet I won’t blabber. But they are really cool.

Bryan Grey Yambao

A former panelist on America’s Next Top Model, and the guy behind the popular fashion blog, Bryanboy (his site clocks over million pages views a month.) The Filipino blogger is someone who’s not afraid to show his legs with  leather shorts. (here) What I love about the gay blogger? His sophisticated style with a taste for finer things in fashion.

Picture courtesy: Bryanboy
Picture courtesy: Bryanboy

Leandra Medine

Oh my! If androgynous fashion had its fleet moving on the streets, she would lead it, quite effortlessly. Her blog name, Manrepeller, speaks for itself, it means wearing stuff that repels opposite sex. She can mix and match like it’s her inborn talent. I remember one of her crazy ensemble – she teamed a black bra on a white top with a red trouser, and voila, it looked perfectly fine!  

Picture courtesy: Leandra Medine
Picture courtesy: Leandra Medine

The Sartorialist

Alright. HE needs no introduction in the fashion world (call him a king of street style photography.) Even if you ain’t that interested in fashion or style, you should visit his blog sometimes. He has this alluring factor to all his work- charming, subtle and elegant. Schuman’s blog is my respite because everytime I see it, it leaves me thinking. His images speak loud. His subjects look like they have just fallen out of heaven to fall prey for his uncanny eyes for fashion.

Picture courtesy: Scott Schuman
Picture courtesy: Scott Schuman


Fun, laid back and youthful. For Rumi Neely, outfits are toys and fashion, a playground. She has this grungy approach to style that is engrossing. Mostly bohemian, she can pull off a high-end fashion accessory with high street items in sheer ease. I love her image compositions on her blog, Fashion Toast, it feeds you just the right amount of style dose.

Picture courtesy: Rumi Neely
Picture courtesy: Rumi Neely

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